So you've got a camera.  NOW WHAT?

LET's LEarn more together


Hi there, I'm Megan Sugden! 

As an award winning portrait photographer based out of Hallock, MN, I have enjoyed creating timeless and beautiful images for my clients for over fifteen years.  However I also understand sometimes you just want to know how to take a better photo on your own, whether it be your kids running in the backyard, a sporting event, or a pretty landscape on a vacation.  Learning how to use your camera at first can be overwhelming and intimidating, but my classes aim to break down the steps into a simple to understand way that is fun and interactive.  I promise by the end of our time together you will be a lot more comfortable with your camera and may even have a few "ah-ha" moments!

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upcoming class information

WHEN: 5:30-8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, February 27, 2019

WHERE: Megan Sugden Photography Studio in Hallock, MN - click here for detailed directions

COST: $150 - Request an online invoice to pay by credit card, or write check to Megan Sugden and mail to 2242 275th Street Hallock, MN 56728

REQUIRED: Please bring a digital SLR camera to the class and any extra lenses you have. If you are able to, try to bring the manual that came with your camera as well, just in case we need to look something up. I know quite a bit about cameras but sometimes there is a make or model I am not as familiar with and might need some help finding a setting or two.

CLASS STRUCTURE: This fun and interactive class is broken up into three parts, each one lasting approximately one hour depending on class involvement, questions, etc. Hour One: After a short introduction I will go through a power point slideshow covering the basics such as camera settings, composition, and a little bit of photoshop. Each student will receive a booklet to take home that includes pages in the back for note taking so you do not have to bring a notebook. Feel free to bring a pen or something to take notes with. Hour Two: We will go into my studio and take turns taking photos or weather permitting we can go outside. I will make time to visit with each student and help along the way and answer any questions. Hour Three: We will head back inside and I will download some of the photos we took and go over some basic editing and show some fun tips and tricks in Photoshop and lightroom! I will also go over some photo equipment websites and talk about some of my favorite gear and make recommendations to anyone considering purchasing additional equipment to capture better photos. I will also make time to answer any other remaining questions and visit with any student individually who needs more help.

FOOD AND DRINK: We will be serving chicken and bean tortilla soup with all the fixings, bars, pink lemonade and bottled water. Feel free to bring your own beverage or snack if you prefer.


I am looking forward to our class. Let me know if you have any additional questions.

See you soon!


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A nonrefundable* payment of $150 for each student is required to save a spot in the class (for class hosts, a deadline will be set up for payments to be received).  In case a student cannot make the class last minute or otherwise, they have the option of "selling" their spot to another person, or I will help find another replacement student for their spot, *in which that case the fee may be refunded*.  If another replacement cannot be found and spot cannot be filled, the student forfeits their fee.